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We are a professional pickball website, dedicated to providing the latest news, tutorials, events and community interactions for pickball enthusiasts. We also sell high-quality pickball and paddles, as well as accessories such as bags, gloves, hats, etc. Our team consists of a group of people who love pickball, and they have rich experience and knowledge in pickball, and are willing to share their insights and tips with you. Our goal is to let more people know and like this fun sport, and enjoy the health and happiness that pickball brings.


We love this game as much as you do, and we are committed to creating the most advanced equipment that enhances your performance and enjoyment. We are reliable, consistent, and diligent, so you can unleash your full potential. Don’t let anything hold you back, trust us with the equipment, focus on your game. PicklePowerhouse: the ultimate partner for your best game.


Our Services

•We provide the latest pickball news, including matches, tournaments, players, rules, etc., so that you can always keep up with the dynamics of the pickball world.
•We provide professional pickball tutorials, from basic to advanced, suitable for different levels of players, so that you can easily master the skills and strategies of pickball.
•We provide an active pickball community, where you can post your opinions, questions, suggestions, etc., and interact and discuss with other pickball players.
•We sell high-quality pickleball and paddle, as well as accessories such as bags, gloves, hats, etc. You can browse our products on our website and order them online. We offer fast delivery and secure payment options.

Our Advantages

•We are a website that focuses on pickball, and we have a deep understanding and passion for pickball. We not only provide information, but also provide value.
•We are a website that has credibility, and our content is carefully selected and reviewed. We guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the information, and we respect copyright and privacy.
•We are a website that has human touch, and we care about the needs and feelings of every user. We welcome the feedback and suggestions of every user, and we strive to provide the best service for every user.
•We are a website that has products, and We sell high-quality pickleball and paddle, as well as accessories such as bags, gloves, hats, etc. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. We want you to have the best pickleball experience possible.